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The mission of this site is to encourage a friendly learning environment while expanding the pool of knowledge related to painting in watercolor. By joining this site you agree:

To "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." To be kind, thoughtful in any critique, and respectful of one another's feelings. To NOT engage in religious or political discussion, any sort of insult, ridicule, harassment, stalking, personal attacks toward anyone on any basis whatsoever, to NOT post profanity or pornography.

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You agree that ownership of creative property, such as photography and paintings that are displayed here remain the property of the creator. You may not copy or reproduce either photographs or works of art created by other members of this forum without their express permission. All works created by Patrice remain her creative property. It is agreed that you have the right to create your own painting by copying works Patrice posts here, including content of lessons in the Free Tips & Clips section, the subscription lessons in the Online Watercolor Workshops section, or Patrice's posts in The Water Cooler. You may share your version(s) of Patrice's works in "The Water Cooler," and your personal page of the "Member's Portfolios" upload section. The correct way to do so is to sign your work thus: by (your name) after (the original artist who created the work). You have full rights to your own version, to display as you wish, in your home or perhaps in a gallery in your locality or at an art show, even to sell it, as long as creation of the original work is stated fairly and not claimed by you.

Copyrights by other artists and photographers must be honored. For example; copying a photo from a book or a magazine, or another artist's painting and then claiming it as your own creation is a violation of copyright laws and not allowed. This site does NOT claim ownership of your work due to the fact that you posted it here.

Subscription Lessons: By subscribing to the lesson(s) offered in Patrice's Online Watercolor Workshops, you agree that you are buying access to the lesson(s) for your individual and personal study alone. You agree NOT to copy, share, share access codes to, download, print, and/or share or distribute the lessons to anyone else in any way whatsoever, not for a fee, not for free. To share the content of the subscription lessons by any means is stealing.

It is understood that each individual has their own personal level of knowledge and it is not possible to guarantee that any person(s) paying for access to lessons will learn anything they did not know previously. No guarantees can be made as to the skill that will be developed or success that will be enjoyed by any student.

Prices of lessons are subject to change.

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All that understood, Welcome to Just - Add - Water .co !

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